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About the Project

It was May of the year 2019. Blue Heron Books, a bookstore located in Uxbridge, Ontario, was coming on its 30th anniversary. Plans for a literary festival, to be hosted by Blue Heron Books itself, were in the works -- but what could be done without a website through which prospective festival-goers could learn about what the festival had in store and buy tickets for events? 'Lo and behold, later that year, The Book Drunkard Literary Festival website was launched, and the festival went off in October and November without a hitch!

The festival is now an annual event, with the 2020 edition being held virtually in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result of changing needs, the website is an ever-growing entity, with updates and improvements made each year.

Concept Rationale

The Book Drunkard website is meant to be illustrative, exciting and smacking of creativity. Branding was not fully done by me, as the Canadian illustrator Tracy Walker was employed to create the Book Drunkard logo and printed materials. Drawing inspiration from Tracy's work, I designed the website with the playfulness portrayed by the festival's branding in mind.

Colour Scheme

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